My name is Alicja Strzyzynska and I’m a designer and interior architect based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I have previously worked in Tokyo with Torafu Architects and in Amsterdam with Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein.

I completed my Masters of Arts Degree in Product Design and Visual Communication at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

The proposed sculptures are an effort to engage in a conversation between the spirit of fine art and the purpose of design to create intimate art pieces. In art and design, I am searching for the experience of intimacy – a metaphysical exchange between human and object.

The idea was born after deciding to reconnect with my roots and my grandfather – a sculptor artist. Learning to sculpt and being a designer inspired me to combine the two principles. Experimenting with the functionality of sculpture and the meaning of furniture.


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Sep 2021 – Milan Design Week, Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Milan, Italy

Nov 2014 – Tokyo Designers Week, Omotesando Hills Space-O Design Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Oct 2014 – Makehouse Exhibition, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Jun 2014 – End-of-year exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

Apr/May 2014 – Designer profession, Awareness and Action, Exhibition of chosen students and professionals, Academy Lounge, Warsaw Poland

Oct 2012 – Lodz Design Week, Student exhibition, Lodz, Poland

Aug 2010- Fashion Student’s Exhibition, Koszalin, Poland

May 2010- Fashion Student’s Exhibition, Koszalin, Poland

Apr 2010- Sculptural Student’s Exhibition, Museum in Koszalin, Poland

May 2009- Fashion Student’s Exhibition, Koszalin, Poland

2006-2010 – Yearly Exhibitions of Group of students of Artist Klara Stolp, Library in Grudziądz, Poland