The selection of sculptures is created with the vision of seeking balance, harmony, and tranquility. All the forms are an exploration of asymmetrical balance. Artist is fascinated by the contrast between the absence of symmetry and the sensation of stability. Abstract shapes are connected by the polar opposites of organic and simple lines. The goal was to achieve shapes and compositions which would not disturb its surroundings but synergize with them.

Buddy_ No_002
Buddy_ No_003
Double Buddy
Form No.001

LIVING FORMS is a limited collection of unique handmade pieces creating contemporary collectible design. The presented objects are an attempt at a dialogue between the essence of fine art and the functionality of design, in order to create intimate objects which bring humans closer to nature.

The forms of the lamps are the result of the intuitive approach of modernist philosopher Henri Bergson. In his methodology, intuition is a result of our organism and, thus, of nature, contributing to the primal reality being understood.The built pieces are made of organic, abstract shapes that seem recognizable even though we’ve never seen them before. On the primal stage, they engage with the senses. The collection is made using pigmented plaster, experimenting with traditional carving techniques to create distinctive finishes. Using this method, I was able to create textures similar to natural patterns, which are diverse and unpredictable.