Living Forms

The Living Forms collection is a series of hand-carved lamps. The goal of the project is to let viewers focus their attentionon on the present moment through illumination. Objects are designed with the purpose of calming the mind and to bring inner peace. Aided by the practice of mindfulness, the artworks help coping with anxiety and depression.

Infinite lamp
Lacuna Lamp
Longing Lamp

LIVING FORMS is a limited collection of unique handmade pieces creating contemporary collectible design. The presented objects are an attempt at a dialogue between the essence of fine art and the functionality of design, in order to create intimate objects which bring humans closer to nature.

The forms of the lamps are the result of the intuitive approach of modernist philosopher Henri Bergson. In his methodology, intuition is a result of our organism and, thus, of nature, contributing to the primal reality being understood.The built pieces are made of organic, abstract shapes that seem recognizable even though we’ve never seen them before. On the primal stage, they engage with the senses. The collection is made using pigmented plaster, experimenting with traditional carving techniques to create distinctive finishes. Using this method, I was able to create textures similar to natural patterns, which are diverse and unpredictable.

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